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(Only in Chinese) New projects looking for designers.

K2 House by A.A.E

A garden unfolds one’s living territory into the town, and a series of gardens in the town comprises a human life-scape

OFFICE FACT NO.22 – O-office Architects

The OFFICE FACT NO.22 is about O-office Architects from China

每周評論精選2018.10.26 – 2018.11.02

(Only in Chinese) selected comments of the last week to present different perspective.

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        The Conservatory by Nadine Engelbrecht

        A passive controlled dwelling that has a strong relationship with its immediate landscape

        SJAIII by CDM

        A free space extruding from the mountain towards the ocean

        Visitor Centre of Changping Future Science City, China by Hu Yue Studio (BIAD)

        A combination of modern architectural language and traditional Chinese garden design

        Secular Retreat for Living Architecture by Peter Zumthor

        Peter Zumthor’s first permanent building in the UK

        Termalija Family Wellness by ENOTA

        A new summertime sunshade without usurping any of the precious exterior space

        Champalimauds Center by Charles Correa

        Institute close to the sea

        Five Patio Houses by Think Architecture

        Five patio houses with a pavilion-like effect blends sensitively with its surroundings

        A Hotel with 2070 Bamboos in Guangdong, China by GVL Cultural Tourism Group

        Close to nature and embrace the poetic and tranquil country life.

        “NEW HABITATS, NEW BEAUTIES”Speculations for Tallinn 2019, Open Call for Vision Competition

        Find new concepts in keeping with the alternative lifestyles of the inhabitants.

        Fuzhou Strait Culture and Art Centre, China by PES-Architects

        Finnish sensibility to China

        Courtyard Houses in Zumikon by Think Architecture

        Courtyard houses with trapezoidal roofs

        The New Glenstone by Thomas Phifer and Partners

        A cluster of simple concrete forms that evoke a direct, elemental and timeless dialogue with the surrounding landscape

        每周評論精選2018.10.19 – 2018.10.25

        (Only in Chinese) selected comments of the last week to present different perspective.

        Clear Water Bay Road, Hong Kong by Carve

        A design for five play spaces in Clearwater Bay